Max Drive – We are a team of passionate people and a leading technology-enabled company driven by a vision to solve the mobility challenges in Africa. We want to get people and goods to their destinations hitch-free. It is personal for us because we understand the frustration of epileptic transportation. We are making mobility safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable through the deployment of high-performance technologies and operators.

Job Position: E-Mobility Fleet Operations Supervisor

Job Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job Description

  1. Ensure proper use of GPS to monitor champions and track vehicles or locate them in case of theft
  2. Ensure the use of technology put in place by MAX is used optimally to monitor champions’ driving patterns.
  3. Create strategies to reduce cost and increase profits and also ensure an increase in efficiency
  4. Create a key performance index across all teams
  5. Ensure that a proper report is made to the management on the maintenance of each vehicle
  6. Ensure compliance with all Federal, State, and Local laws related to the repair of vehicles and equipment use and care
  7. Create and develop training modules for vehicles and equipment usage
  8. Ensure fleet availability to meet all requests by preparing, overseeing, and surveying current user trends
  9. Ensure the implementation and enforcement of transportation scheduling and policy changes
  10. Ensure operational efficiency in maintaining a regular schedule
  11. Ensure that there is compliance with all current updates and reviews of government rules and regulations
  12. Responsible for the maintenance of all vehicles and ensure that the schedules are up to date
  13. Oversee the registration, and licensing of each vehicle to ensure the maximization of profit
  14. Ensure procedures and processes that have been laid down are being strictly adhered to in selecting champions from the Academy
  15. Create a budget for the team and present it to the management for proper analysis and approval
  16. Responsible for EV Data and Energy Reporting/Analytics
  17. Will be responsible for Electrical/Automotive engineering and maintenance
  18. EV Ecosystem and Charging Infrastructure Management.
  19. Technical Partnerships Management (Rural/Urban)

Job Requirements

  • 1+ year E Mobility Deployment Experience
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Experience in Logistics-related operations.
  • 2+ years experience as Senior Associate, in strategic planning, product development, and Fleet management.
  • Fleet Data Management reporting and analytics.
  • Understanding of technology, product, warranty management and enforcement
  • product maintenance, after-sales service, and spare parts management.
  • Good Team and Project Management skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong planning, coordination, and organizational skills
  • Outstanding research and analytical abilities
  • Strong Project and Program management skills
  • ability to make quick strategic decisions
  • Highly energetic, self-motivated & proactive


  1. Competitive pay & benefits
  2. Flexible work and hybrid working model
  3. Unrivaled Learning and Development

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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