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Job Position: Enterprise Architect

Job Location: Lagos

Job Description
Strategic Planning:

  1. Collaborate with executive leadership and key stakeholders to understand the business strategy and objectives.
  2. Develop an enterprise architecture strategy that aligns with and supports the organization’s goals.

Architecture Development:

  1. Design and develop the organization’s enterprise architecture, including business architecture, data architecture, application architecture, and technology infrastructure.
  2. Ensure that architecture supports scalability, flexibility, and adaptability to meet current and future business needs.

Technology Roadmap:

  1. Create and maintain a technology roadmap that outlines the organization’s IT systems and infrastructure evolution.
  2. Identify and recommend emerging technologies that could provide strategic business advantages.

Standards and Governance:

  1. Establish and enforce enterprise-wide architecture standards and best practices.
  2. Implement governance processes to ensure that projects and initiatives align with the enterprise architecture.


  1. Collaborate with project managers, business analysts, and IT teams to ensure that projects are in line with the enterprise architecture.
  2. Provide guidance and support to development teams during the implementation of architecture solutions.

Risk Management:

  1. Identify potential risks and issues related to the enterprise architecture and propose mitigations.
  2. Ensure that security and compliance considerations are integrated into the architecture.

Stakeholder Communication:

  1. Communicate the enterprise architecture to various stakeholders, including executives, business units, and IT teams.
  2. Facilitate discussions and workshops to gather input and ensure alignment with business goals.

Vendor Management:

  1. Evaluate and select technology vendors and solutions that align with the enterprise architecture.
  2. Manage relationships with external vendors and ensure their solutions integrate seamlessly with the overall architecture.

Performance Measurement:

  1. Define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise architecture.
  2. Make adjustments to the architecture as needed to optimize performance.

Training and Development:

  1. Provide guidance and mentorship to other architects and IT professionals.
  2. Develop and deliver training programs to enhance the understanding of enterprise architecture principles within the organization.

Continuous Improvement:

  1. Stay current with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.
  2. Continuously evaluate and refine the enterprise architecture to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

How to Apply
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