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Job Position: Head of Accounts

Job Location: Mushin, Lagos

Job Description

  1. The Head of Accounting first and foremost plays a leadership role where he leads both the accounting and tax accounting departments.
  2. In his leadership role, the Head of Accounting supervises end-of-period processes and supports the analysis of the periodical business performance, budgets, and forecasts.
  3. He also leads the accounting department in the establishment of risk management procedures as well as the update of those procedures.
  4. As the leader of the accounting department, the Head of Accounting is charged with motivating, developing, and creating a departmental culture and vision, taking full responsibility for the success or failure of the quarterly/annual audit process.
  5. He is also responsible for building talent across the accounting department and supports continuous improvement initiatives across the finance department. He serves as thought leader within the business and partners with senior management contributing to general financial management across the business.
  6. In his leadership position, the Head of Accounting also plays a mentorship role to key accounting personnel, supporting their continuous professional growth and readying them for the succession of his position in the future.

Policy Formation:

  1. The Head of Accounting also plays a leading role in creating and enhancing financial policies and procedures across the accounting department as well as the wider Finance department.
  2. He ensures that there is consistency in procedures and policies across the accounting department and that these policies are appropriately set for the achievement of the business’s overall goals and objectives.
  3. In this position, the Head of Accounting also leads compliance with the business’s internal corporate framework policies and finance manuals.

Collaboration and Support:

  1. The role of the Head of Accounting is not an independent role and, as such he collaborates with various internal and external personnel in the execution of his functions.
  2. The Head of Accounting liaises with senior finance department personnel in deciding on processes, and procedures to apply in the department and across the entire business.
  3. The Head of Accounting will also work with departmental heads across the business in supporting their financial activities, guiding them through financial process, and interpreting the progress, implications of financial outcomes.
  4. The Head of accounting also collaborates with external partners such as tax accounting firm personnel, auditors, and in all matter regarding auditing and taxation.

Documentation & Reporting:

  1. The Head of Accounting also leads the department in the documentation of all financial books and records. He also prepares reports in reflection of the revenue quarterly/annual processes, which he delivers directly to the Chief Finance Officer.
  2. He develops reports on all accounting related matters inclusive of taxation matters. These reports accompany pro-active advice and recommendations on the business’s financial approaches from an accounting and taxation perspective.

Financial Analysis:

  1. The Head of Accounting is also tasked with leading the accounting departments in the preparation of accounts and conducting quarterly/annual auditing and the final preparation of accounts.
  2. The Head of Accounting leads the Accounting department in the preparation and monitoring the business’s annual budgets and liaises with external auditors to drive ad hoc projects that will improve process efficiency.
  3. In this capacity, the Head of Accounting ensures that there is a proactive engagement across the accounting department in implementing audit findings with a view of improving the business’s overall financial performance.

Research / Knowledge / Opportunity:

  1. The Head of Accounting takes initiative in ensuring departmental compliance with state tax requirements as well as with accepted accounting principles.
  2. The Head of Accounting also attends regular finance forums/meetings both internally and externally in an attempt to gather useful knowledge and insights that can be applied within the accounting department and the larger finance department.
  3. The Head of Accounting makes recommendations for systems improvements across the finance department and oversees the implementation of approved changes across the department upon approval.

Job Requirements

  1. Candidates should possess relevant qualifications.
  2. Must live around Mushin.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: recruitment@owensxley.com using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

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