The MENTOR Initiative is a UK registered charitable, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization working globally to relieve human suffering from tropical diseases. With support from BHA-PUI, The MENTOR Initiative is implementing Emergency Control of Malaria amongst high malaria areas in Borno state. The MENTOR Initiative works in close partnership with the MoH in Nigeria to build technical capacity and effective planning and responses to malaria and other VBDs.

Job Position: HR & Admin Officer

Job Location: Maiduguri, Borno

Job Responsibilities

  1. Apply/Follow up & renewal of International staff based in Maiduguri’s Visa, work permit, registrations.
  2. Prepare the Expat monthly report and submit it to Finance Coordinator for review and submission.  
  3. Ensure that all staff have access to MENTOR guidelines regarding their employment.
  4. Ensure that staff has valid ID cards and business cards when necessary.
  5. Support the finance coordinator in follow up of contracts and MoUs renewals and track update table for deadlines of payments and contracts renewals. File all contracts and MoUs corresponding.  
  6. Help in writing official letters, bank request letters, drafting work contract etc.  
  7. Responsible for all MENTOR Nigeria correspondences and keep record of them with tracking numbers.
  8. Ensure contractual framework for relations with the various stakeholders of the base (suppliers, craftsmen).
  9. Supervise the work of office cleaner and cook to ensure their tasks are completed properly, and plan performance evaluations on a quarterly basis.  
  10. Adhere to the agreed MENTOR Code of conduct on Ethics and Integrity and safeguarding including Whistle blowing policies.
  11. Participate in Staff General meeting on a monthly basis and responsible for doing the minutes of meeting.
  12. Ensure that all staff are enrolled in the social and medical covers provided by Mentor.
  13. Admin Store Management (Stock tracking Cleaning Supplies, Stationary, Toners, Guest House Supplies)
  14. Field visits to support and replace Admin staff in the field when needed.
  15. Check and arrange paperwork from the field basis.

Human Resources Tasks:

  1. Update the HR folder for each staff and follow up and filling of staff contracts, renewals, leaves, overtime…etc. on a monthly basis.
  2. Establish service or casual contracts in collaboration with the logistic department.
  3. Help with the recruitment process for the national staff (advertisement, keep track of CVs, organize tests for candidates, organize interviews and time frame, publication of the selected candidates, etc.)
  4. Advise and give recommendations to the field base in terms of national recruitment.
  5. Assist national staff to comply with MENTOR contracts, Staff Regulations, and Code of Conduct.
  6. Respect and comply to labour laws of Nigeria and liaise with relevant authorities when necessary.
  7. Help the Finance Coordinator and/or the CD to update the internal rules and regulations when necessary.
  8. Ensure that all staff have access to MENTOR guidelines regarding their employment.
  9. Conduct HR and Admin induction for new recruiters.
  10. Generate and share general information/ Ideas (from outside/other sources/INGOs) to improve internal processes and Business continuity in the department.
  11. Follow up of administrative documents and track personnel files deadlines (probation period, appraisals, contracts, amendments, ID cards etc…)
  12. Follow up of attendance, days off and leaves.
  13. Ensure fulfilment of salaries’ process (salary advances, pay slips signatures…)
  14. Ensure the preparation of all contracts (new recruitments, contract extensions or renewals) and the awareness of the employees of contract terms and conditions, internal HR policy and Mentor other policies.
  15. For each end of contract, ensure that the exit process is followed.
  16. Ensure that departments implement HR tools and procedures on a daily basis.
  17. Ensure that administrative personnel files are created, and that employees’ documents are in accordance with Mentor policies and donor’s requirements.
  18. Manages the payroll system for the HR unit, including liaising with Finance officer on the monthly processing of payrolls after validation from Finance Coordinator.
  19. Prepares personnel action records for Finance action informing of any payroll changes.
  20. Establishes measures to ensure consistency in various HR practices as it relates to classification, compensation, job descriptions, job profiles including demand analysis and specifications, organizational structure as well as various related issues to above.
  21. Processes and monitors all staffing changes including new hires, secondments, transfers, leavers and other amendments to salaries and employee data in compliance with policy and payroll requirements.
  22. Research and analyse salary rates and benefits offered by other employers in the same sector.
  23. Track and communicate changes on pension and insurance schemes.
  24. Update the HR folder for each staff and follow up and filling of staff contracts, renewals, leave tracking, overtime, payslip signing, Time sheets…etc. monthly.
  25. Periodically conducts payroll audits in liaison with Finance unit.
  26. Track and communicate probationary assessment schedules and follow up on outstanding assessments.
  27. Provide regular briefings to staff on employee welfare, leave balances, etc.
  28. Consolidate and follow up with annual leave planning.

Financial Tasks:

  1. Check and arrange paperwork from the field bases.
  2. Arrange for monthly shipment of the accounting documents to headquarters in time (DHL).
  3. Manage the scanning and filing of all financial documents on a monthly basis as per The Mentor Initiative’s procedures and protocols.

Financial Tasks (Some of the tasks below to be executed only upon the absence of Finance Officer:

  1. Ensure that all standardised MENTOR finance procedures are understood and respected by all MENTOR members.
  2. Ensure communication with Finance & Administration Coordinator and the Country Director of accounting documents and weekly and monthly reports (cash counts, accountability/SAGA).
  3. Field visits to support and replace finance staff in the field when needed.
  4. Follow all procedures of the INGO in relation to finance and be consistent with the logistic department.
  5. Maintain a daily management of the cash accounts in Maiduguri offices and inform the Finance Coordinator or CD about the cash flow for the week ahead as well as weekly plan expenditures.  
  6. Ensure the weekly reporting of expenses: Proceed to a weekly cash count of the cash boxes in USD and NGN with the FinCo or CD in order to ensure that the balances are correct.  
  7. Close all the Maiduguri cash books every end of month.  
  8. Ensure all cash payments and other payments and paperwork correspond and follow The MENTOR Initiative’s procedures and protocols (procurement and authorizations requests, Advances request, etc…)
  9. Ensure that all advances are liquidated at the end of each month if possible.
  10. Follow all procedures of the NGO in relation to finance and be consistent with the logistic department.
  11. Help in planning future expenditures of the current month and project costs for future months.
  12. Other activities will be determined by the Finance & Administration Coordinator and Country Director.


  1. Participate to the Administration and Human resources meetings and working group when requested.
  2. Write a weekly report on activities past and future when requested.

Job Requirements

  1. Candidates from Maiduguri, Jere or Monguno indigenous areas.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or any other related field.
  3. At least one (1) year of experience in HR department with an INGO.
  4. Demonstrated success in multicultural environments is required.
  5. Ability to handle data with confidentiality.
  6. Fluent written and spoken English.
  7. Good organizational skills
  8. Strong ability in using MS Office suite (MS Word, Excel & Power-point).
  9. Ability to work under stressful conditions.
  10. Knowledge of Human Resources and Administrative management

Desirable Requirements are:

  1. Knowledge of local area
  2. Experience with INGO

Application Deadline
25th November, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidate should send their CV to: recruitment.nga@mentor-initiative.net using “HR and Admin Officer- Maiduguri” as the subject of the mail.

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