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  • Job Position: Inventory Accountant (Manager)
  • Job Location: Ilupeju, Lagos

Job Description

  • Inventory management- receiving, arranging, maintenance, sending, and returns
  • Inspection and quality assurance for locally produced and purchased supplies
  • Maintaining accurate stock records using inventory management software in concert with the physical count
  • Monitor Inventory levels and raise a request for restocking on low inventory or alarm on surplus inventory
  • Managing stock returned for poor quality or damages
  • Maintaining product samples received from Local and Foreign vendors
  • General housekeeping of the warehouse
  • Logistics management- packing, loading, and offloading of goods
  • Stakeholders management and effective communication within and across teams

Job Responsibilities
Inventory Management And Quality Control:

  • Oversee maintenance of record of receipts as well as the issuance of items that are going out of the store for accuracy and completeness- Stocktaking
  • Oversee reconciliation of physical stock with the stock in the system using the ERP software
  • To oversee the arrangement of goods in an orderly system within the stock location system for easy access and fulfilment
  • Carry out quality control and assessment on all purchased or received items and make recommendations where necessary
  • Ensuring that all items in the warehouse are in good condition and are not exposed to any form of potential damage
  • To create and maintain spreadsheets to report and analyze data also to prepare inventory reports (including periodic ageing analysis) for the store every end of month.
  • To manage and organize coding of SKUs of available inventory
  • Keeping track of reorder levels and ensuring timely reporting when the need arises
  • Reporting any theft, damage, or issues around available inventory by way of incidence report


  • Overseeing general housekeeping of the warehouse
  • Close monitoring of the janitors with clear instructions especially around fragile items or boxes
  • Carrying out routine checks on boxes to be sure that they are not harboring rodents or insects
  • Periodic checks around old inventory to assess the condition and escalate where necessary
  • Ensuring that the warehouse is inspected at the close of business- closing windows etc to avoid rain and other environmental hazards into the office and inventory

Facility and Team Management:

  • Asset management- Ensuring proper use of all office equipment in the store/warehouse office to include computers, printers, AC units and every other available asset
  • Assigning tasks to the warehouse staff and ensuring accountability
  • Managing all stakeholders (Customer service, procurement, logistics, and senior management) to ensure that there are no communication gaps in planning, execution, or reporting
  • Close monitoring of all activities in the store/warehouse to include unauthorized visitors or vendors access


  • Supervising the loading and offloading process, the subsequent arrangement of all goods received
  • Coordinating the shipment of goods from the store to the outlets or to clients in a systematic way that prevents damage of goods
  • To ensure tracking of the goods for accountability and ensuring that the goods have been received in good condition
  • Ensure that requisition for vehicles or buses are done in good time to avoid delay in delivery of goods

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related field.
  • A minimum of 4-5 years of experience in a similar role
  • Previous experience in e-commerce will be an added advantage

Closing Date
26th January 2021.

How to Apply 

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: [email protected] using the “Job Title” as subject of mail.

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