Esosa Food Systems and Innovations Limited stands at the forefront of the food industry, orchestrating a transformative journey across the expansive bakery value chain. With a multidimensional approach spanning agriculture, meticulous food production and processing, streamlined logistics, efficient distribution, and unparalleled retail services, we position ourselves as innovators in the field.

Job Position: Marketing Executive

Job Location: Lekki, Lagos

Job Description

  1. Our Marketing officer is responsible for leading and overseeing all aspects of the marketing operations within the company.
  2. This role involves developing and implementing strategic marketing plans for the company’s classic cream premium brand and to achieve the company’s objectives, driving awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales revenue.
  3. He ensures consistent brand messaging in collaboration with stakeholders, identifies market expansion opportunities. This officer collaborates closely with the sales and other departments to ensure alignment with overall business goals and objectives.

Job Responsibilities
Marketing strategy:

  1. Develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies to drive business growth and achieve targets.
  2. Craft strategies for teams, including the digital marketing team, sales team and customer engagement team.
  3. Collaborate with sales, product development, and other departments to develop integrated marketing campaigns that support sales efforts and product launches.
  4. Lead initiatives to enhance brand awareness, including public relations efforts, social media engagement, and community outreach programs.
  5. Monitor and analyze marketing metrics and KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives, making adjustments as needed to optimize performance.

Market research:

  1. Conduct market research for the bread industry to identify emerging trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes, and use insights to inform marketing strategies.
  2. Stay abreast with industry developments, emerging technologies, and best practices in marketing, and incorporate relevant innovations into strategies and tactics.
  3. Identify opportunities to reach new market segments and expand market share
  4. Monitor competition (pricing changes and new products and features), liaise with the pricing strategy team for price positioning in the market.
  5. Analyze consumer behavior and determine customer personas.

Brand management:

  1. Identify and establish the unique value proposition of the brand, ensuring differentiation from competitors and resonance with target audiences.
  2. Ensure compliance with brand guidelines and standards, both internally and externally, to maintain brand consistency and integrity across all brand-related activities and initiatives.
  3. Identify and cultivate strategic partnerships and collaborations that enhance brand visibility, credibility, and reach, while aligning with brand values and objectives.
  4. Maintain consistency and integrity of brand identity across all communication channels and touchpoints, including visual elements, messaging, and tone of voice.


  • Oversee the creation of marketing materials, including advertising campaigns, promotional materials, and digital content, ensuring consistency and alignment with brand identity in conjunction with the sales team and customer engagement officer.

Team management:

  1. Lead and manage a team of marketing professionals, providing guidance, direction, and support to ensure optimal performance.
  2. Monitor and analyze marketing metrics and KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of team members to optimize performance.
  3. Cultivate and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, vendors, and industry partners, to enhance brand visibility and reputation.
  4. Craft quarterly and annual hiring plans

Budget management:

  • Manage and optimize marketing budgets, allocating resources effectively to maximize return on investment.

Work Hours:

  • 8am to 5pm.
  • 5 work days weekly.
  • Off days.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or related field; Master’s degree preferred. Must 3-5 years experience
  2. Proven experience in marketing leadership roles, with a track record of success in developing and executing effective marketing strategies.
  3. Strong understanding of marketing principles, techniques, and best practices across traditional and digital channels.
  4. Excellent leadership and team management skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate a diverse team of professionals.
  5. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build rapport and collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Analytical mindset with proficiency in data analysis and interpretation to drive informed decision-making.
  7. Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, with a focus on driving results and achieving business objectives.
  8. Creative thinking and innovation, with a passion for staying ahead of industry trends and exploring new opportunities.
  9. Strong project management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks, manage multiple projects simultaneously, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.


  • Salary: N150,000 – N200,000

Application Deadline
1st May, 2024.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: corporate@esosafoodsystems.com using the Job Title as the subject of the email.