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Job Position: Quarry Manager, Ashaka

Job Location: Gombe

Job Description

  1. The Quarry Manager is responsible for organizing and coordinating quarry activities for the exploitation and supply of basic raw materials (limestone, shale and red alluvium) in the right quality and quantity, which meet the plant need for the production of the required tones of clinker per annum.
  2. Quarry manager is also responsible for the management of quarry outsourcing contract and co-responsibility for the maintenance of the KFUI to be <14.
  3. The role reports to the Plant Manager.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Take a lead in the enforcement of Lafarge safety rules and guidelines for mines operation
  2. Write procedures to implement safe practices by all quarry contractors and sub-contractors
  3. Ensure that all safety rules and regulations in the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Acts of 2008 are strictly adhered to in the operational environment of the quarry.
  4. Oversee the day-to-day operational details of the quarry by:
    • Monitoring the activities of the overburden contractors engaged in the overburden activities.
    • Carrying out routine inspection of the perimeter drainage; plan and implement cleaning schedule to avoid flooding.
    • Monitoring and maintaining the overburden tip restoration process.
  5. Prepares the annual volume budgets based on production requirements in conjunction with the production manager.
  6. Prepares the annual capital and revenue budgets for the quarry operation in conjunction with production manager.
  7. Performs monthly cost analysis (budget vs. actual) of the quarry operations.
  8. Oversee the operational and strategic development of Quarry operations by:
    • Carrying out mining activities in accordance with the mining plan.
    • Defining mid-term mining plan in collaboration with the TC.
    • Defining short term mining plan to meet quality and KFUI targets
    • Putting in place control mechanisms to achieve quality targets (sampling, blending use of appropriate software and Raw Mix Optimization) in collaboration with process and quality.
    • Carrying out quarry development activities in accordance to quarry rehabilitation plan.
  9. Ensure that the quality and physical properties of the raw material produced from quarry meet the process specifications
  10. Ensures adequate supply of quarry consumables like explosives and its accessories.
  11. Ensures safekeeping and safe use of explosives by following recommended standards for storage and utilization of explosives.
  12. Serves as liaison officer between Lafarge and relevant government regulatory agency for mine operations.
  13. Obtain and maintain authorisations and permits.
  14. Identify and action opportunities to augment reserves.
  15. Prevent encroachment of Company property.
  16. Have dialogue and public relations with stakeholders.
  17. Do topographical survey on a regular basis in DWG or DXF, 3D format
  18. Program overburden stripping programming, contract negotiation, award & supervision.
  19. Keeping up to date with relevant government legislation and maintain good working relationship with relevant government agency.
  20. Controls quarrying activities to comply with group environmental standards (Air quality, noise, vibration and water). Measure compliance and have an emergency strategy.
  21. Implement quarry rehabilitation plan.
  22. Defines the mission and objectives of his team and carries out their performance reviews, promotes his team motivation, skills and developments through coaching.
  23. Develop and implement training plan for his team and ensure they are relevant to their career development.
  24. Deputize for production manager.
  25. Comply with EMS Quarry Instrumentation activities
  26. Ensure involvement in the implementation and maintenance of integrated management system in the plant.

Who you’ll work with:

  1. Mining Engineer
  2. Geologists.

Job Requirements
Qualification, Education and Skills:

  • HND / BSc Geology, Mining Engineering or other related courses.
  • 5 – 8 years of relevant experience in similar assignment.

Technical / Functional Skills:

  1. AutoCAD, QSO and Vulcan
  2. Mining planning
  3. Sampling knowledge
  4. Survey knowledge
  5. Geomechanics basic knowledge
  6. Optimization and blasting design
  7. Maintenance knowledge
  8. Crusher knowledge
  9. Cement manufacturing
  10. Finance knowledge
  11. OSHAS knowledge
  12. 100% safety compliance.

Behavioral Competence:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Flexibility
  3. Ability to work under pressure
  4. Interest for learning.

Leadership and Managerial Abilities:

  1. Ethical and good moral behavior
  2. Quality and result oriented
  3. Multitasking
  4. Negotation Skills
  5. Open mindedness
  6. Coaching and mentoring capabilities.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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