Improve Productivity At Your Workplace

Simple Ways to Improve Productivity At Your Workplace

Productivity in the workplace has always been a challenge. Both employees and managers are faced with this difficulty. Here are some tips to keep your productivity at a top-level.

Routine Work Helps

Most jobs consist of routine work that is often left when there is nothing to do or put off while you try to complete other more urgent tasks. According to a study by the University of California at Irvine (UC Irvine), employees are actually most relaxed and happy while performing these tasks. They may not be easily enticed to start them (think of folding the laundry at home), but once undertaken they become relaxed and their mood changes. The study recommends during times of stress at work or when you have reached a roadblock in completing a task, taking a turn at some rote tasks may be helpful.

Plants Help Productivity

Have you ever seen an office where the desks are bare and clear? How does this compare to an office that is overloaded with pictures, folders, binders and maybe a plush toy or two? Again, according to the University of California at Irvine, none of this stuff improves your performance. It actually distracts you from work, bringing your mood down.

The one desk item that helps to improve efficiency are plants. Big plants, little plants, any size helps put employees in a better mood and improves their workflow. So, within reason, get some foliage on your desk, now!

Effects of social networks

Studies by both Microsoft and UC Irvine back up the fact that employees appreciate and derive benefit from having access to social networks at work. Of course, employers are always concerned that their workers will spend all day playing solitaire on the video screen instead of working. However, free access to the internet along with computer-based software for work has been shown to lead to better moods, more alliances with employees that improve work and more exposure to new ideas and contacts which lead to better production. Those employees that can’t stay away from solitaire should not cause the rest of your staff to lose the benefits of Facebook and Twitter.

Time of Day is Important

Those busy folks at UC Irvine have shown that productivity varies consistently throughout the day. It peaks between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm and declines after that period of time. It turns out the coming in early does not increase productivity, either. It might get something done sooner but does not increase your productive hours. Of course, most people go to lunch during these times; but that does not seem to be related. So, you now know why it is hard to stay alert during the 9 am meeting.

In order to improve your productivity, these are some simple considerations that can make your office and employees into productivity champs. Go for it!

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