Top 3 Tough Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

A job interview can be quite daunting, especially if it’s your first one. Being able to anticipate what the interviewer will ask, and preparing your responses in advance, could be the key to showing up strong and confident and securing a job offer.

Here is a breakdown of three intimidating interview questions and how to answer them.

1. “Tell Me About Yourself.”

It is possibly the question most crucial to the overall success of your interview because it has the potential to position you as the ideal candidate for the job.

Since employers often kick off with this question, it serves as a way for you to set the stage for the rest of the interview, allowing you to dictate and take control of the direction of the conversation.

What the employer is really expecting to hear is a brief and clear snapshot of what makes you the best fit for the job. Your response should be one that positions you as the person that best fits the role they are looking for in this job.

2. “What Are Your Weaknesses?”

Answering this dreaded question is actually easier than it seems.

A surefire strategy is to package your weaknesses as strengths. So rather than presenting the areas you need improvements in as weaknesses, describe them as areas you are actively working on to improve and transform into strengths. Discuss the actual steps you are taking to address and advance in these areas. Do not label an area or skill that is critical to the role you are interviewing for as a weakness

3. “Why Should I Hire You?”

Give a brief overview of your education, relevant work experience and possibly an accumulated life experience as it relates to the job you are being interviewed for.

See this question as an opportunity to express to the employer why you are here interviewing for this particular job, at this particular company, and what makes you the right fit.

While preparing for the interview, research about the company and the job description, roles and responsibilities.

Dedicate time and effort to set yourself apart from the other candidates interviewing for the same position by preparing and practising responses to potential questions in advance of your interview. Preparation affords you with the tools you need to answer the employer’s questions with confidence and ease.

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